Hybrid Meeting Control

There are three displays, configured with Displays have Separate Spaces.

  • The 3D TV Screen (3840 x 2160) Extended Display. This display will normally be in Side-by-Side Half Width 3D Mode.
  • The Control Screen (3840 x 2160) Main Display. The Zoom meeting window and all control windows reside on this screen.
  • The Shared Screen (1920 x 1080) Extended Display. This display is used only when sharing the screen using Zoom.

The following is general information on controlling the meeting:

  • Launch Google Chrome, and open two windows.
    • The Stereopix ROOMS Presenter Window is used to control Stereopix ROOMS. Connect to the appropriate Stereopix ROOMS server. Specify the Room name (CSC), Check the box: I am the presenter, and click Enter the Room. This window is placed on the Control Screen.
    • The Stereopix ROOMS Client Window (http://rooms.3dpdx.org). Choose Parallel anamorphic view. Drag the Client Window to the 3D TV Screen. Double click the image to enter full screen mode.
  • Launch VLC. Drag and drop Side-by-Side videos into this window. If video is Side-by-Side Full Width, choose Video > Aspect Ratio > 16:9. (No special setting is required if the video is Side-by-Side Half Width.) Drag thw Window to the 3D TV Screen. Press Command-F to switch to Full Screen.
  • To bring the Stereopix ROOMS window to the front, click the Google Chrome icon on the Control Screen Dock, then in the Google Chrome menu bar, from the Window menu, select the Stereopix ROOMS window that is not currently selected.
  • To bring the VLC window to the front, click the VLC icon on the Control Screen Dock.
  • To start or pause the video in the VLC window, click on the VLC window on the 3D TV Screen, then press the Space Bar on the Keyboard.
  • To rewind or advance the video by 10 seconds, click on the VLC window on the 3D TV Screen, then press the Left Arrow or the Right Arrow on the Keyboard. Press the Left or Right Arrow Key repeatedly to rewind or advance by more than 10 seconds. Note that this works regardless of whether the video is playing or paused.
  • In a Terminal Window on the Control Screen, use the obs command to launch OBS Studio.