Stereopix ROOMS on Lume Pad 2

Setup Sunshine Server and Moonlight3D App

Thank you for David LeDoux for allowing us to share this information:

The following explains how to use the Lume Pad 2 (LP2) as a secondary 3D monitor on a PC, using the Sunshine and Moonlight3D software combination. The software is free and easy to install on Windows. (There does not appear to be a prebuilt installer for the Mac. Herb has attempted without success to build and run a Mac version of Sunshine.)

  • Download the Windows installer for Sunshine Server and run it to install Sunshine on the PC. At this time, the file is: (Note this filename may change in the future, so you may need to search for the latest version.)
  • When installing Sunshine, you will be prompted to create a name and password. This is only used to access the software on your own PC, so you can use something simple. It will not leave your PC. The name defaults to "sunshine", which is fine. Use something easily remembered for the password, and/or write it down. In normal usage, you will not need this name or password. It is only required in the unlikely event that you need to change a configuration parameter or restart Sunshine. (Once installed, Sunshine runs all the time in the background.)
  • From the Leia AppStore on LP2, install the Moonlight3D app and open it. If the PC and LP2 are on the same network, Moonlight3D will usually find the PC automatically. (If this does not happen, touch the "+" icon, and enter the IP address of the PC.) Also, you will be shown a 4-digit PIN number to enter, in order to complete the pairing with Sunshine on your PC. (This is a one-time thing similar to Bluetooth pairing.)
  • From the Settings icon (the "gear") in Moonlight3D, make sure that "Video Resolution" is set to "Native (2560x1600)". You will probably not need to change any other parameters in Moonlight3D or Sunshine.
  • After Moonlight3D connects to the PC, you should see an icon labeled "Desktop". Touch it, and the PC desktop should appear on your LP2. To change the LP2 display to 3D, touch the screen with 3 fingers simultaneously, then again with one finger. An unnecessary on-screen keyboard will also appear. Touch the downward pointing triangle at the bottom of the screen to dismiss it. If you need to switch back to 2D, simply repeat the three-finger and one-finger touches.
  • At this point, anything displayed in half side-by-side (HSBS) on the PC screen will be shown in 3D on the LP2. Depending on the PC app, you may need to go to Full-Screen mode to get the best display. For StereoPix and StereoPix ROOMS, set the display mode to "Parallel anamorphic view". For photos in Stereo Photo Maker (SPM), select "Half width SBS".
  • The only possible downside to this setup is that Sunshine will be mirroring (i.e. duplicating) the PC screen on the LP2, so you cannot simultaneously view any other PC app (such as Zoom, or your email). However, if your PC has a port to connect a 2nd physical monitor, you can get a small dummy plug that will emulate a physical monitor. This tricks the PC into thinking it has an additional monitor. Sunshine can mirror the dummy, and your physical monitor will be free to display other things on the PC. This should also work on any laptop that has an external monitor connection. Here are the additional steps to implement this:
  • Buy a dummy monitor plug. These are available for less than $10 on Amazon or elsewhere. Here is one that fits an HDMI socket: Note that if your PC or laptop has a monitor connection that is different from HDMI, you should buy a dummy plug that fits that particular connection, e.g. Display Port, Mini Display Port, DVI, etc. Dummy plugs are also available for VGA, but I don't know if they will work with Sunshine.
  • Connect the dummy plug to your PC, and open Windows display settings. The dummy should appear as an additional monitor. (If you have a multi-port NVIDIA graphics card, you may first need to go into the NVIDIA Control Panel to enable the dummy.) In the Windows display settings under "Multiple Monitors", select the option to "Extend these displays". In the graphic showing the monitors as colored rectangles, click on the dummy, and then check the box labeled "Make this my main display". Once you do this, Sunshine should begin mirroring the dummy, and you should see the dummy's portion of your extended desktop on LP2. You can drag the window for any PC app to the dummy (which is off the side of your physical monitor screen), and the app will appear in 3D on LP2. Your physical monitor will be free to use for any other PC apps.

Run Stereopix ROOMS on your PC to view ROOMS on you Lume Pad 2.

Cascade Stereoscopic Club uses Stereopix ROOMS to share photos. If you have not previously used Stereopix ROOMS, we recommend that you watch Ken Kovar's brief two minute introduction to Stereopix ROOMS (updated August 30, 2022) prior to joining the meeting. Once the meeting begins, please click here on the PC running Sunshine to view the shared photos. Choose Side-by-Side Parallel anamorphic view (Side-by-Side Half-Width).